Using android tablets with a Behringer X32 console for headphone monitoring control

So recently in the studio we implemented a headphone monitoring setup. I’ve never really seen many studios do this, but we are using the Behringer X32 digital mixing console as our audio interface, so with the X/M32 Mixing stating app, some Amazon fire tablets, and a TP link router, we are able to give a tablet to each of the musicians in our live room, set to the bus sending out to our headphone mix, and this way they have a simple, easy to use touchscreen interface for controlling the levels of their headphone mix! This is an excellent solution to an age old problem – one that in the past was only really solved either by complex analog splits to the live room, and analog mixers for the artists to control headphone levels – a solution that is inelegant, expensive and no so user friendly. There are other digital solutions like the Behringer powerplay headphone mixers, but again these are expensive and whilst more user friendly than a mixer, still not as easy to get to grips with as an android tablet – something most people are already very familiar with. We use the Behringer Powerplay HA8000 headphone amp to power our headphone mixes – this is the cheapest headphone amp on the market with 8 individual inputs as well as outputs, allowing 8 separate headphone mixes to be run simultaneously.

Check out our video below for more info on our whole setup!

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