Studio Talks podcast episode 2 – Sam Heaton (Eyre Llew/ Music promoter)

We recently released the second episode of our Studio Talks podcast. For this episode we had the pleasure of welcoming Sam Heaton to the studio for a chat. Sam Heaton is the frontman for the ambient/neo classical rock band Eyre Llew. Sam also works as a music promoter, and currently works for Rough Trade Nottingham. Sam has a wealth of experience as a touring musician, booking shows worldwide for Eyre Llew as an independent DIY band, organising tours and promoting and releasing their music independently. It was a fascinating experience chatting to Sam and hearing the many stories he had to tell. We can’t recommend enough this episode for anyone interested in promoting themselves as a musician, organising tours, and also for anyone looking to get into/learn more about music promotion. Check out the episode on our Youtube Channel below:

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