Rehearsal Rooms - residencies

As well as offering one off rehearsal slot bookings, we do offer a limited number of residencies, where you pay a monthly fee for one 4 hour rehearsal slot a week (or two 2 hour slots.) This will be fixed so you can always guarantee you have the same day and time slot every week. We are also able to arrange some storage of equipment prior to discussion, but you will not have exclusive use of a rehearsal room due to our limited capacity.

Residencies are charged at £140 a month for up to 4 hours a week. This essentially gets you two hours rehearsal for free. Please note this does not include backline (amps and drum kit) and these are charged as extras at £5 an hour. So if you require backline each time a monthly residency is £220 per month.

If you require a different amount of hours per week, get in touch either via 01158744369 or

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