Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Please see the ‘how to get here’ page under the ‘our facilities’ page on the website menu. We are located on the outskirts of Nottingham City centre and we are easily accessible by car, public transport or on foot.

Give us a call once you’re outside and we’ll come and greet you and show you through to the studio.

Please see our COVID-19 page on the website for more information regarding current COVID-19 guidelines and operating status.

For all pricing regarding recording, rehearsals, livestreaming and our other services, please visit our ‘Pricing‘ page. For any enquiries regarding pricing please contact us via the ‘contact us‘ page.

There is good on street access for you to load your gear out of your cars. The studio is on the first floor of a shared building, so there is a short amount of stairs to climb. The rest is all pretty much on flat ground, with wide doorways so you should have an easy enough time! We can always assist if we’re available to be on hand. There is a lift also although this is not for heavy equipment.

Here at Labyrinth Studios we are always committed to accommodating as best as we can for disabled clients. There is a lift up to the first floor of the building we are located in, and otherwise there are no stairs or steps within the studio. If you need any assistance, we will always be happy to help. If you have specific needs please contact us prior to your arrival.

Check out our ‘how to get here’ page for more info. We have limited on-street parking for loading in and out and a first come first serve car park across the street. There is also a council owned carpark nearby (Sneinton Market car park, Aberdeen Street) or Motorpoint arena car park for longer stays. For loading in we are always on hand to help you bring your gear in!

Rehearsals FAQ

You can book online here. Rehearsals are a minimum 2 hour booking. Pricing can be found on our ‘pricing‘ page.

Other than yourselves, bring your instruments and vocal microphones you would like to use. We have in house equipment that you can also use. All microphones stands, mic cables and PA systems are provided by us.

Recording FAQ

If you’re in any doubt as to how much recording time you’ll need, please either call us or email via the ‘contact us‘ page and we will be able to advise you on the best amount of time to book – taking into account the demands of your project as well as your budget.

Generally we recommend allowing for an hour set up time on your first day, and a similar amount of time for consecutive days where anything needs to be set up prior to recording. We will always strive to get you set up as quickly as possible, but also we would never recommend trying to cram as many songs into one day as you can, and we will advise on what we think is realistic for you. Setting up instruments, microphones, headphone mixes etc. can take some time and it’s equally important to us that your session is relaxed and stress free. We’re all here to have fun and make great music at the end of the day!

Please see our pricing page for our full pricing. Recording starts from £350 for an 8 hour full day of recording, and £170 for a 4 hour half day.

Yourselves (obviously!) Bring your instruments and amplifiers. You don’t need to bring any microphones or other studio equipment, although this can be discussed if you have preference to particular gear. We can also hire in equipment with notice, at an additional charge. We have a range of amplifiers and drum kits for recording if you would like to use our in house kit – please call to discuss with us in advance.

Online mixing and mastering FAQ

Once you have placed your order, you will be given access to our secure server  (‘Client area’ tab on this website), where you can upload your mix stems. Finished mixes are also sent back to you via our own server. You will need to register as a new user, after which you will receive an email with login confirmation/info. Once you have access to the client area, you will have your own private login to upload and download files from/to us. Your files will only be visible to upload/download by us and yourself.

In terms of how to get your mix to us, you will need to export what are commonly referred to as ‘mix stems’ – these are essentially all the different parts you have recorded for your song. Depending on what DAW/recording software you use, how you will export each individual track will vary. The easiest way that will generally work in any DAW is to solo each track and then bounce/export the file out. You want to make sure each export has the same start point (start of the song) so that all the tracks will line up/be in time when we import them into our DAW (Pro Tools.) You can do this for tracks that don’t start at the beginning of the song by either inserting some silence at the start of the track, or by making sure when you export you have the entire song length selected on your DAW timeline.

Tracks should be formatted at 44.1khz/24 bit or higher, in .WAV or .AIFF format.

Please clearly name each mix you send to us for mastering, with the artist and song name, Files should be formatted at 44.1khz/24bit stereo or higher, in .WAV or .AIFF format

Mixing ensures that all the elements of your music are balanced and clear, filling the stereo spectrum in a way that is pleasing to the ears. The basics of a mix include:

• Volume/level balancing
• Equalisation – creating space in the mix for each instrument by cutting unpleasant frequencies and boosting to add presence and colour where appropriate
• Compression – balancing out dynamics and adding punch and depth to mix elements
• Panning – placing different instruments in their own space within the stereo field
• Gating + volume automation
•  FX – Reverb, delays and other effects can add excitement and creativity to a mix, or used more subtly simply can help place mix elements in their own space within the mix

Having your music professionally mixed will help massively if you are pursuing a career with your music. It will be balanced so it is more accessible to listen to, more likely to be played on the radio, paid attention to by labels, management, promoters etc.

Mastering ensures that your song/track is up to radio and commercial release standards, with the same loudness, clarity, depth and punch that you would expect to hear in a commercially released song.

If you are planning on releasing your music commercially, then you need to get it mastered! Mastering ensures that it will compete sonically with other commercial releases, and that the mix will translate well across different speaker systems, from mobile phones to hi-fi and audiophile speaker sets.

We pride ourselves in our great level of service and ultimately want to make sure you get a great sounding mix/master you love. We have hundreds of satisfied clients. But to answer the question:

Generally speaking, no. When you pay for service, you are paying for someone’s time, so as long as you have received the finished work, and it is of a high standard, you aren’t necessarily entitled to a refund. Music and sound in general is quite subjective, so if it is purely a case of not liking how it sounds in terms of the creative choices made, in most cases we won’t offer refunds. We will always work with you to endeavour to be on the same page with creative decisions, and encourage sending over mix/mastering notes, reference songs and chatting with us via email. And we are happy to offer additional mix /master revisions at extra cost in cases where it is needed.

Completed mixes/masters will be uploaded to our server and will be available to you exclusively (not viewable to anyone else but us) to download. We typically keep files on our server for 1 week. You are responsible for ensuring you download finished mixes/masters in due course, and are responsible for retaining copies of your work long term. We will not be able to provide you with copies of mixes/masters again a year down the line. In cases where you would like us to keep backups of projects long term at our studio locally, or you would like your files delivered on physical media (USB/CD/DVD), please email to discuss as we can potentially offer this at extra cost.

As a rule no, as the work we carry out to create each mix/master is our intellectual property – the finished result is what you are paying for. There are also compatibility issues if you don’t have the same plugins etc. and this is not something the costing of our services accounts providing support for.

However, if you would like rendered stems of your mix for remixing purposes, for example, we are happy to do this – just drop us an email to discuss.

You will receive a stereo .WAV of your completed mix/master. This is what you should use for distribution purposes and critical listening. If you would like an mp3 version also, that’s no problem – just let us know via email.

If you’d like your mix/master sent to you on physical media (USB/CD/DVD) – just email us and we can arrange at extra cost.

Redbook CD authoring (for masters):
We can author a redbook formatted audio CD of your masters at extra cost. Please email us to discuss. Please note we cannot assign ISRC or UPC codes – you will need to provide these.

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