DIY sub kick microphone! DIY recording studio projects

Today’s post is sponsored by our DIY SubKick Mk2, boasting a 12inch diaphragm and an enclosure upcycled from an old rack tom shell.

But how does it work?

Well, a loudspeaker is just a microphone in reverse! Just solder a male XLR to the opposing poles of a loudspeaker and you’re in SubKick Town 🔊

What you hear at first when the SubKick is triggered is the low end transient of the kick drum. After the transient tails off, the speaker resonates at it’s own characteristic frequency as it tries to return to its resting point. This resonance is what gives SubKicks their low end punch.

With that in mind they are closer to an air pressure powered synthesiser than a microphone!

Sure, the classic version was made using a 10inch Ns10 driver, but slide this beast up against your kick drum and it sounds just like an 808 😎

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