At Labyrinth Studios safety is paramount to ourselves and our clients. We are keeping up to date with government guidelines to ensure a safe working environment, so that our clients can feel safe and secure whilst visiting our premises.

Currently we are allowed to operate under current COVID-19 government guidelines and we will continue to closely monitor the situation. The musicians’ union is the most up to date source for working musicians regarding current working restrictions and what business are allowed to operate within the music industry.

Recording and Broadcasting:
Professional Activity: Studios remain open for professional recording, rehearsal, broadcast and streamed performance where the venue is Covid-secure. Professional recording, rehearsing, broadcast and streamed performance can also take place in theatres, concert halls, and outdoors, provided this is done in line with Covid-secure guidance.

Measures we are implementing:
All working areas and equipment are subject to a regular sanitising and cleaning schedule. Prior to rehearsal and recording sessions all microphones and other equipment will be sanitised for safe use.

What we ask of you:
For rehearsals, where possible, vocalists should bring their own microphones. If you need to use ours, please let us know in advance so we can ensure they are sanitised prior to rehearsal. We have a limited amount of vocal microphones and depending on rehearsal volume these will be used in rotation alongside a sanitising routine.

* Please bring a face mask with you. In any communal areas face masks should be worn. *

For recording sessions, no persons outside of the musicians recording, are permitted in the studio – other than producers, engineers or anyone that might be actively involved in the recording work. We ask you minimise the amount of band members present where possible. If, for example, you book several days with the intent to track drums only on the first day, if only your drummer needs to be there to do so, only your drummer should attend. We appreciate this kind of people management may not always be possible, all we ask is that your are mindful of who needs to be present at any given time, and be mindful of COVID guidelines.

Workshops and tutoring  (other than private lessons under certain conditions) for now will be livestreamed only as nothing that could be deemed as a live event can take place under current guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 guidelines and safety measures, please contact us via telephone or email.