Behringer V-Verb REV2496 – A cheap Lexicon outboard reverb alternative?

Check out this video we released recently on our Youtube Channel on the Behringer V-Verb REV2496 outboard reverb/multi fx rack mount unit. It’s an excellent reverb unit, one that was quickly removed from the market by Behringer as there were supposedly accusations of the unit directly ripping off reverb/fx algorithms from famous reverb/fx unit manufacturers such as Lexicon and Roland. It has some great sounding reverb models, as well as some impressive delays, choruses and compressors. Its build quality is not great, and there are some notorious issues with the V-Verb REV2496, like the ‘hot glue’ issue – where excess hot glue used on the PCB boards inside the unit supposedly led to unit crashes and other issues – but if you can find a good one on the used market, we think it’s a worthy addition to any studio! Check out the video below:

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